Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Introducing... the new "Big Double-Double Mac"

Feast your greedy little eyes on this. What this, some sort of illusion? Nay, sayers, nay. This is in fact a 100% real "Big Double-Double Mac" And its just another demonstration how my girlfriend is better than yours.
If you've ever been to McDonalds, then you must be aware of their famous, but not very good tasting Big Mac. A bun, cheese, meat, bun, cheese, meat, secret sauce, pickles. Simple enough right? But McDonalds, well to put it mildly, sucks. Now imagine that glory that is In-N-Out. The burgers are far superior to that of the fried burgers at that other place. But you can't get them to make you a Big Mac styled Double Double. I've asked.
Now enter my incredibly wonderful girlfriend. She's a charmer. And she charmed her way into the heart of on In-N-Out employee. Because although I've asked for this treat a bevy of times, I've never been successful. However, she was! And here is the evidence of this delicious beast. In researching this burger, I checked BADMOUTH'S Secret In-N-Out Menus. I didn't find it on their site. So I'm linking this topic to their site. I hope people bug the hell out of In-N-Out to get this on their secret menu. And I'll certainly investigate other items on the secret menu. You should too!

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SweetVanilla said...

Aww, youre so sweet! Im so happy you enjoyed it!

Ask and you shall recieve.